Exective Directors

President: James Legh       Vice President: Neil Carfra
Treasurer: Paula Donnachie   Secretary: Lisa Eames

Directors with portfolio

Social Coordinators:   Shelley Spring and Paul Pearson
Education Coordinator:   Sarah Goodman
Past President:   Mitchell Selly
Registrar of Court Boxes:   Darren Williams
Court House Liaison:   Paula Donnachie
Locker Room Coordinator:   Jarrett Plonka
Website Administrator:   Juhi Shukla

Directors at Large

Samantha de Wit   Emily Drown
Ron Dumonceaux   Samantha Hulme
Jeremy Walden   Mark Walton
Bencher Representatives:
  Pinder Cheema, Q.C. and Dean Lawton
CBA Representative:
  Kimberly Henders Miller
UVic Faculty of Law Representative:
  Jeremy Webber


The VBA Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Board.

Interested in being a director?

Some Responsibilities of being a Director of the Victoria Bar Association:

The Victoria Bar Association is a society incorporated on January 30, 2013. As such, we are governed by a constitution and bylaws per the Society Act. We refer you to those documents for further clarification of director roles and responsibilities.

  • A director holds office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting but is eligible for re-election at the meeting. An election is held for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. However, generally the positions are filled by acclamation.

  • Applications for appointment to board offices and the executive will be reviewed by the current executive.

  • As a director, it is your primary responsibility to attend all of the board meetings.

  • From time to time subcommittees may be struck to review issues raised by the membership or by the board. The President may request your participation on subcommittees. Examples of subcommittees that have been struck in the past include the following:

    • a committee to review the donations policy of the Victoria Bar Association
    • a committee to review the qualifications for membership in the Victoria Bar Association
    • a committee to plan participation on Law Day
    • a committee to review the website and other technical issues
    • a committee to assist in special dinner or other events, ie. retiring judges or anniversaries
  • Advise Board of issues within your area of practice, oversights, retirements, announcements and promotion of events that advance the interest of our membership.

  • While the constitution sets out the general purposes of the Victoria Bar Association, there is also an implicit expectation the directors of the Victoria Bar Association attend all events possible that are being sponsored by the Victoria Bar Association. Where possible we should be attending the curling, softball, golf, Battle of the Bands, Justice Education Society Gala and other special events that the Victoria Bar Association may be promoting. Not only should you attend this event but actively promote it with your colleagues at the Bar to encourage and support the events.We should also be actively encouraging members of the legal profession in Victoria to join the Victoria Bar Association.
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