Do you know someone who belongs on our Hall of Fame?

The VBA awards are announced at the dinner following the AGM. If you would like to nominate someone for next year, please submit your nominations to the VBA President; these Nomination Forms are provided as a guide.

Pamela Murray Award Recipients

The Pamela Murray Award is presented annually to a practicing member of the Victoria Bar who has constantly maintained high professional standards and who has contributed substantially to the well-being of the local Bar.

Roxanne Helme Q.C. (2017) F. Kenneth Walton Q.C. (2016)
Richards S. Margetts Q.C. (2015) Kathryn Berge (2014)
R.C. (Tino) Di Bella (2013) John Waddell Q.C. (2012)
Mike Mulligan (2011) Kerry Simmons (2010)
James S. Carfra Q.C. (2009) Sarah Klinger (2008)
Glenn Gallins Q.C. (2007) Eugene Raponi Q.C. (2006)
Richard Stewart (2005) Mary E. Mouat (2004)
D. Mayland McKimm (2000) Michael Pohorecky (1999)
Evan Blake (1998) Shari McGlynn (1997)
Anne Wallace (1996) Ralston S. Alexander Q.C. (1995)
Richard J. Meyer (1994) R.T. Johnston Q.C. (1993)

Contribution to the Law Award Recipients

The Contribution to the Law Award is presented annually to a member of the Victoria Bar who has had a significant involvement in the development of a legal issue during the year, and which involvement reflects positively on the legal profession.

TBA (2017) Calvin Sandborn (2016)
Michael T. Mulligan (2015) Woodward and Company LLP (2014)
Lloyd P. Duhaime (2013) Jeremy Carr (2012)
D. Laurence Armstrong (2012) Sean Sweeney (2011)
John Green (2010) M. Jerry McHale Q.C. (2009)
Irene Faulkner (2008) Catherine Boies Parker (2008)
Gerald A. Neely (2007) Paul J. Pearlman Q.C. (2006)
J.M. Peter Firestone (2006) Donovan Waters Q.C. (2005)
Aaron A.G. Gordon (2004)  

Volunteer Award Recipients

The Volunteer Award is presented annually to a member of the Victoria Bar who has contributed significant efforts in a volunteer capacity, which have benefited directly or indirectly the Greater Victoria community and which reflect positively on the legal profession.

Aesha Faux (2017) Clare Jennings (2016)
Catherine Morris (2015) Colleen Spier (2014)
James A.S. Legh (2013) George Fuller (2012)
Bill Murphy Dyson (2011) Frank Carson Q.C. (2010)
Michael J. O’Connor Q.C. (2009) Gordon Benn (2008)
David W. Johns (2007) James S. Hutchison (2006)
John Waddell Q.C. (2005) Paul Scambler Q.C. (2004)

Linda Barnes Award Recipients

The Linda Barnes Award is presented annually by the Victoria Bar Association to a support person (including secretaries, paralegals, bookkeepers, receptionists, office managers etc.) who exemplifies proven excellence, professional courtesy and longstanding devotion in the service of their employer, the Victoria legal community and/or the Victoria Bar Association.

Marilyn Ackerman (2017) Debbie Shaughnessy (2016)
Marion Harding-Soare (2015) Louise Skerratt (2014)
Tiffaney Metheral (2013) Kassandra Innes (2012)
Blanche Bustin (2011) Melissa Cielen (2010)
Danni Mills (2009)  
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